Nahak Sports is a Canadian manufacturer producing innovative, high performance equipment for harness dog sports such as canicross, bikejoring, skijoring and hiking with your dog.


Established in 2015 by Renaud Trudel Boisclair and Lorraine Hélie, the business was born of their common passion for dogs, the outdoors and nature. Owners of thirty dogs, the practice of harness dog sports has always been an integral part of their lifestyle.


We are convinced that harness dog sports bring the dog-human relationship to another level and want to contribute by helping dog owners to surpass themselves with their canine companion with safe equipment designed for their needs.


For Nahak Sports, offering constantly evolving products adapted to the needs of canine and human athletes is a priority. As a result the equipment we develop comes from a rigorous creative process, a deep knowledge based and a long experience in harness dog sports.


Visible from Highway 20, our 10 000 square feet production facility has been located in the municipality of Laurier-Station since June 2017. Currently, 10 employees work there.

Nahak Sports products can be found in more than 150 retailers across Eastern Canada and made available around the world through our online store.

We are proud to offer high quality equipment that is fully developed and manufactured in Canada and to distribute through ethical companies that share our values.

Marc-Antoine Fortin

He loves the freedom to train in nature and strives to become as fast as his dogs 😉

Joanie Bourassa

A true outdoors woman, she loves canicross and hiking. No matter where she goes, her dogs are always there !

Michaël Roux

A dog enthusiast and an impressive athlete with several titles to his credit in bikejoring and skijoring.

Marie-Philippe Rodrigue

An enthusiast of harness dog sports, she does not miss an opportunity to be outside in fresh air with her beautiful dogs !

Isabelle Racine

Passionate about harness dog sports, her dogs join her in canicross, bikrjoring and dogsledding.

Mylène Gauthier

Mylène is an impressive athlete with several ultra trail races under her belt. Bartok, her faithful four-footed accompanies her in all her training !

Maude Lapointe

A harness dog sports enthusiast and more particularly of canicross. She is very involved in the development of these sports at the provincial and national levels. Her four-legged partners Oji, Colbie and Chaos are her accomplices.

Laurence Saucier

A bikejoring and skijoring enthusiast who has been practicing dog sports for several years with her two dogs, Laska and Bixie.

Marie-Soleil Samson

A former middle distance runner who decided she needed a change from racing alone to a team with her dogs! She helped found "le Club Canicross Estrie" in the Sherbrooke area.

Louis Parent

Louis is a natural sportsman who is always surpassing his expectations. A follower of harness dog sports, he teams up to perform in bikejoring, scooter and skijoring with his dogs !


It is an honor to have these 10 exceptional people as a part of our team of ambassadors.

They are all distinguished by their ethics, their unconditional love for their dogs and their passion for the canine world that has a profound influence on their way of living. In addition to being experienced users of our equipment, it is with our ambassadors team that we test and develop our new products in order to have a diverse real life conditions during our "test phase".

If you have the chance to talk to them at an event, they will not hesitate to pass on their passion !