Nahak Sports Warranty

Nahak Sports products are rigorously tested before they are sold and are covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects. Any defective equipment that is found to be rooted in the manufacturing will be exchanged or repaired, depending on the type of damage, without the customer having to assume additional costs.

Before returning a product with a manufacturers defect, write to us at providing us with all the following information:

When your request is analyzed, we will give you further instructions based on your individual case. Any product returned without your having previously contacted us will automatically be returned to you.

Please take note, our product guarantee does not cover damages related to the normal wear and tear of our equipment. Damage caused by a dog (ex: chewing), damage related to an incident (ex: blunt object that cuts/pierces one of our products) or damage related to improper use of our equipment is not covered by our warranty. Any modifications to our equipment void the Nahak Sports warranty.

Regardless of the nature of the damage do not hesitate to contact us. Even if it is not covered by our guarantee it would be our pleasure to help you find a solution to your problem. Dogs are not always delicate!